GryphonWings in ++sowhat?++ group

* Nota: Os freebies podem ser limitados (ver o primeiro post)

Skin: League – NOT FREE
*League* Skin Suntan -Misty- Lilac Wine |L$1100|

Hair: Amacci – NOT FREE
Amacci Hair Courinne ~ Honey Blond |L$250|

Eyelashes: Exile – NOT FREE
Exile Lashes: Whispers |L$75|

*+*JILL*+*Straw Basket-Black  |FREE – Group Gift in store|

Ears and Neko Tail + Necklace: Twisted and Spoiled
T&S Group Gift : Cheshire Collar, Tail & Ears |FREE – Group Gift in store|

Bikini: GryphonWings – NOT FREE
SPECIAL ~GW~ Sleek Bikini Set (Classic) |L$29|

Sandals: Deviant Designs
OOTW 28 – Deviant Designs |FREE – search a green ET (end’s in July 29)|

Items already posted:
Sheila Shape + Poses: Ks2cool
Eyes: MADesigns Hair

@ Credits

Second Life 24h



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