ATOMIC – V.I.P Updates

Posted: Thursday, 3 June 2010 in Cabelo, Cabelos, Jóias, Skins
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ATOMIC - V.I.P Updates

* Nota: Os freebies podem ser limitados (ver o primeiro post)

Skin: Mother Goose’s
.::Mother Goose’s::.MOMO SkiN_1L |L$1|

=TEKUTEKU= Soap(mint) |FREE – Group Gift in store|

Hair Flower + Gun: it’s Cake
.:it’s Cake:. Fireflies Gun |L$1|
.:It’s Cake:. Yummy Hair Flower |L$1|

Necklace: Fairy Tail
shooting ster hunt-Fairy Tail |FREE – search a moving light. If light approaches you, you will type in chat /7 catch|

Outfit: in ATOMIC – V.I.P Updates group
[ATOMIC] 80’s Flashback Bodysuit – May VIP Gift |FREE in group notices for current members, if you want to join the group need to pay L$250|

Items already posted:

Sheila Shape: Ks2cool
Eyeslashes: [KA] DESIGNS
Eyes: MADesigns Hair
Sneakers: Sensual Mistery

@ Credits

Second Life 24h


Fabulously Free in SL

Konejitas Vip


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