Beautiful Dirty Rich

* Note: The freebies may be limited (see the first post)

Skin + Eyes: Xaida Skins – NOT FREE
>< Xaida >< Beata Pure B |L$10
>< Xaida >< Wild Eyes Brown |L$10||

Hair: Tiny Bird – NOT FREE
Tiny Bird – Magic Trick  |L$225|

Outfits + Ears + Neko Tail (pink underpants not included): Beautiful Dirty Rich
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich::…  Butterfly |FREE|
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Toxic Doll Pink/Black No Trans |FREE – Midnight Mania|

Sneakers: Andel
A.D.D Andel! Multi Colour Sneakers-Orange/Brown- |FREE – Lucky Board|

Items already posted:

Shape + Poses: Ks2cool
Eyeslashes: [KA] DESIGNS
Pink underpats: Baby Doll’s

@ Credits


Lucky Kitty Crew

ulously Free in SL
Fabulously Free in SL

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