* Note: The freebies may be limited (see the first post)

Skin + Hair: Fhang Candy
Fhang Candy Valentines Gifty |FREE – Group Gift in store|

Fishpet: Ks2cool
(7S) Common Fish: White Venom Fish |L$1| >> Pay L$1 to the pet and don’t forget to take to your inventory after the payment. (limited stock)

Bracelet: Dark Mouse
Dark Mouse Gifty – May 2010 (Wear Me & Click Bag for Gift) |FREE – OMatic Group| >> The group owner does not allow products to be re-delivery, so subscribe to receive the future gifts.

Outfits: Poised
Careless in Lime |FREE – Midnight Mania|
::Poised:: minikini blue – group gift May 2010 |FREE – Group Gift in store|

Witchy Woman Designs

Furniture: Witchy Woman Designs
Fhang Candy Valentines Gifty |FREE|

Items already posted:

Shape + Poses: Ks2cool
Eyes: MADesigns
Eyeslashes: [KA] DESIGNS
Sandals: Diva’s

@ Credits

♥♥.::Mi Mundo SL::.♥♥

ulously Free in SL
Fabulously Free in SL

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