* Note: The freebies may be limited (see the first post)

Skin: Cupcakes
*CUPCAKES – Allure – Nutmeg – Starlet |L$1|

Hair: Alice Project
Alice Project Hair – Raewyn – Naturals  |FREE – Lucky Chair|

Eyebrow Piercing + Bracelets: :TrOuBlEd ReBeL
SH# 32 .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:. |FREE – search a clover|

Bag: :TrOuBlEd ReBeL
068Panda – Troubled Rebel |FREE – search a panda|

Top + Skirt + Leggings: Poised
::Poised:: Easter hunt Egg 01 |FREE – search a egg|

Sandals: Diva’s
Diva Another Level Platforms Boss Lady Black Boxed |FREE – Midnight Mania|


Hair Bow+ Bangles: :TrOuBlEd ReBeL
*~CFH~#15 .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:. |FREE – search a red icecream|

Yellow Dress: Poised
::Poised:: Easter hunt Egg 04 |FREE – search a egg|

Purple Outfit: Poised
027Panda – Poised |FREE – search a panda|

$GaNKeD$ All That Jazz Necklace Ruby/Onyx Group Gift BOXED  |FREE – OMatic Group|

Sweeter + Pants: Poised
::Poised:: Easter hunt Egg 06 |FREE – search a egg|


Pants + Sweeter: Poised
::Poised:: Easter hunt Egg 07 |FREE – search a egg|

Necklace+ Earrings + Bracelet: GANKED JEWELRY
$GaNKeD$ Gift Box 1 |FREE|

Top + Skirt:  Poised
::Poised:: Easter hunt Egg 08 |FREE – search a egg|

Dress:  Poised
::Poised:: Easter hunt Egg 11 |FREE – search a egg|

Purple Dress: Poised
::Poised:: Easter hunt Egg 12 |FREE – search a egg|

Items already posted:
Shape + Poses: Ks2cool
Eyes: Exodi
Eyeslashes: [KA] DESIGNS
Shoes: AlexanderHunter’s Couture


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