..::::Black&Blue Outfitters::::..

Posted: Tuesday, 16 February 2010 in Cabelos, Cachecol, Calças, Malas, Skins, Ténis, Tops
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Skin: Lara Skin
Lara Skin-Antonia”Love Me”-Gift |FREE|

Hair: Tiny Bird
Tiny Bird – D.A.N.C.E. – Group Gift ❤ |FREE|

Bag: do grupo BP* Update Group
BP* gamaguchi bag /W/click!texture change/feb2010 |FREE – Group Gift in noticies|

Scarf: ZEUS
ZEUS VL mufura |FREE – Group Gift na loja|

Top + Pants: ..::::Black&Blue Outfitters::::..
<Black&Blue Outfitters> Women’s Freebies – Winter |FREE|

Sneakers: Robbish
(SAH) GIRLZ – #43 :Robbish: |FREE – search a mask| > I don’t know if still available

*** Note: The freebies may be limited (read the first post)

Items already posted:

Eyes: MADesigns|Já postadas|

Eyeslashes: [KA] DESIGNS |Já postados|

Poses: Ks2cool |Já postadas|

  1. Beryl Landar says:

    Cute, fun, and colorful style!

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