[ROCKBERRY] Luan >Flirt< LIGHT |L$50|

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs
Alli&Ali Designs Present 5th February 2010 |FREE – Group Gift in store|

Necklace + Shape + Tattoo: Xenno
.::Giddy Dolls::. HLK-grey |L$1|
.::Rella::. Black-Grey Ribbon Necklace |FREE – Lucky Board|
belle shape |FREE – Lucky Board|
Stars Tattoo |FREE – Lucky Board|

Sweeter: P.S.Style
*P.S.Style Sexy long shirt and slip* |L$1|

Pants: [ glow ]
[ glow ] studio – baggy pants – cupcake bright GIFT |L$1|

Shoes: R2 fashion
Cupid’s Heart R2 fasion  |FREE – search a heart|


Decorations: MB-CreationZ
(MB) Hangout “CRATES FOR TWO” Profile Picks Gift 02/2010 |FREE – Picks rewards|

*** Note: The freebies may be limited (read the first post).

Items already posted:

Eyes: MADesigns |Já postados|

Poses: Ks2cool |Já postadas|

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